Viva Las Vegas!

It wasn’t our first choice of places to visit, but since it was the cheapest place in the country to fly, we decided to make the best of it.

What is there to do in Vegas?

Well, we had saved Arabella’s birthday dinner for this occasion. In addition we were in Vegas the day of my parents Anniversary, so we decided to celebrate both at one time. What better way than visiting Gordon Ramsay Steak? We couldn’t think of one either.

We called up my parents a few weeks before and asked if they wanted to come visit with us on this occasion, and they said that the drive wasn’t too bad – and they would make it work. Win win.

This was the most expensive place we have ever eaten in our lives. We had the Wagyu steak, they told us the most tender cut was the “rib” portion and we took them up on that. We also ordered the beef wellington, because when in rome (even if it is inside the Paris area).

The dinner was okay. The food was okay, the service was okay. Arabella didn’t really enjoy the food and after we let our server know, they simply said “oh, okay” and walked away.

Not the best experience, and we won’t be back, but at least we can say that we were able to experience it once.

After dinner, we took a trip to the Bellagio fountain (across the street) and watched a show.

Did you know that Ara’s favorite show and movie is “Ladybug”? The whole thing is based out of Paris.

Well, she couldn’t pass up the chance to dress up with her Ladybug glasses and pose by the Eiffel Tower (that appears in the show so she was excited to see it).

What else?

Hmm, one cool thing was the Gordon Ramsay Steak had a red tunnel to get into the resturant. It is supposed to be the Chunnel, or the Channel Tunnel that connects England and Northern France. A cool little detail that they worked in to the place.

After stopping for some photos we took a trip to visit inside the Bellagio to see the Conservatory & Botanical Gardens. Something on list of “free things to do” that came up.

It was very cool, and a ton of work went into it. Everyone really enjoyed it.

For now though, I need to rest my feet and go to bed.

until next time

just Pray

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