On the go.

That is how it feels. We have had our days here packed with things to do.

One of the days we had to return our rental (because the engine had an issue) – no surprise though becase we were in a Pacifica Hybrid. Anyway, they offered us any car and we picked a Mustang Convertable.

The kids all took turns sitting in back of the car, and each one was amazed how it was to drive in this car. They want us to sell everything so we can buy one. Cute, but thats not going to happen.

After being upgraded at our hotel (Embassy Suites) because of a host of issues we had.. which sadly seems to be a theme at this point of the trip, we set off for the Vegas Neon Musem.

It was probably the most enjoyable thing that we’ve done. As our trip is drawing to a close, I’d call it a win.

We spent some time at the hotel pool. That evening we watched the Sphere in all of its glory from our hotel balcony. It is pretty cool and if it didn’t cost as much as it did to go inside, we would have.

Either way, now we prepare to head back!

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