I have been enjoying my time at home. I snapped a picture of some of my happy time with 2 of the littles sleeping on me. One of my littles doesn’t seem so little any more.

Spring is here, and with spring we get a chance to go to our annual Cherry Blossoms as they appear locally.

We picked a goregous day to go and made it happen. Ezra was all smiles and the kids were glad to be out enjoying the springtime weather.

We decided to stay until evening and get some night shots of everything as well! If you want to see more, I’ve posted quite a few on my insta.

As I mentioned earlier, our time off is quickly ending. We wanted to see if there was something we could do to “travel” a bit on the cheap as a last hoo-rah.

We found 5 tickets to Vegas for under $20 each way. We booked them out- ended up being on an “ultra low cost carrier” also known as Frontier.

We took a Lyft to the MAX station and from there we were off to the airport! Luca’s first time flying – and he has LOVED everything to do with planes and helicopters for quite some time now. He was really super excited.

We got onto the flight and no more than 2 minutes before we took off, he fell asleep. Poor little dude spent all of his energy on the day and the excitement that he fell asleep before take off. He ended up waking up (despite our best efforts to wake him earlier) right after we landed.

And that was it! We have arrived.

Now time to explore!

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