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We begin this month much how we ended last month: my parents visiting (for Ara’s birthday). I still can’t believe she is 10 already.

What else? The beginning of March has come with snow!

Not a bunch of stuff accumulated, however its always nice to see it fall. The mornings and evenings were cool and would dip down enough to have it fall from the sky, but quickly melt afterwards.

We had snowy nights and mornings for a good 4 or 5 days. Again, nothing really much to play with.. but still very peaceful. On one night it snowed enough to make a tiny little snowman (see below).

It has been very nice having this time off from work. My FMLA is quickly ending – and I have an odd feeling about going back. Not sure how else to talk about it, or how to even place my finger on what it is… it’s a feeling.

So I’ve been trying to not focus or dwell on that too much. God provides daily even for the birds, so I am safe!

What better way to get out of your head than to go to a Blazers game!

We were able to get SUPER DUPER cheap seats to the game. Nosebleed was less than $3 per ticket, these tix were I think $40 for all 4. Why is that good? It’s lower level. The kids never sat that low before and we figured why not let them try it out for once.

They loved it.

And thats all I have to say about that. The pictures say the rest!

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