At least, that was the plan. I swear it was.

I was on Facebook and saw someone we knew from college who mentioned they had COVID-19. I messaged them to see if their family was alright.

The next thing I knew, they let us know that they were recovering but that they wouldn’t be able to go to the Blazers game that night. They wanted to go, especially since they purchased some deals where 4 meals were also included.

So we didn’t get to do much cleaning. Instead, we went to our first (and probably only) Blazers game this season, courtesy of our college friend (Thanks Cassie and fam!).

The kids LOVED it. I mainly wanted to see the first and last quarter, and that is pretty much all we saw of the game. The rest of the time we walked around, and did all of the kids’ activities until they were asking us to go watch the rest of the game.

I’d love to go to more games, but it’s been really hard doing anything like this – financially and otherwise. Even though the games are cheap because the team has been losing so much, it’s still a lot.

Fun story: after the game, the kids ended up getting sick. When one kid gets it, they pass it to the next, and the next until we get sick too.

Everyone was sick for the remainder of the month. Bad timing too because everyone was sick over Arabella’s birthday.

We did venture out once, even though we were not feeling 100%. Where to? The Portland Auto Show. We had planned to do this months in advance. It also happened to be on Arabella’s birthday weekend.

My parents came to visit and ended up getting sick along with the rest of the family.

Due to this, you won’t see as many photos as normal of birthday activities as I normally like to take. It has been really hard to get around.

Anyway, the few photos above are of Luca (who loved being in a “racecar”) and Elijah who was very excited about his Dino-sword (the balloon guy gets points for the name). Arabella got a heart wand, and Luca’s balloons were made up to be the night sky with the moon and stars.

They got face paintings, and we ALL got temporary tattoos that lasted a week.

Arabella had a birthday decked out in Paris items. Why Paris? Well, her favorite show happens to be The Miraculous Ladybug.

And that… pretty much sums everything up nicely.

March already? I can’t say I’m looking forward to returning to work. It isn’t a good situation. I’ve been checking to see what options I have, but so far no dice.

until next time

just Pray

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