Hey there.

This month has just felt so jam-packed, it isn’t funny.

The next morning after driving back, we went out and let the kids run around (since they had been cooped up in the car the previous day). The weather worked in our favor as everything was clear and sunny.

The next night we went to the closing night of the Portland Winter Festival. A photo of everyone is above. Yes, Ezra is in the photo, but can’t be seen because he was in a carrier, inside my coat to keep warm.

Another shooting happened. This time there was one at Joel Osteen’s church. It is saddening.

Remember how we had that car rental? Well, it so happened that it was cheaper for us to extend it to two weeks rather than keep it for the one that we had. Since we would use it anyway, we decided to also take a trip to go see the Redwoods. Something that we hadn’t done in many years.

See above for all the photos.

Also decided to stop and see as many lighthouses as we could while we were in the area. We got a couple checked off the list. We stopped at Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox. It was fun! A bit of driving, but we are starting to get used to it again.

Remember how I said it had been years since we had gone to the Redwoods?

Yeah, well about that. We didn’t realize that the part of the redwoods (the avenue of the giants section) that we LOVE to visit, was so far south. How far south? Well, the furthest point we were going to travel ended up being over 2 hours away from that spot. Given 2 hours there and 2 hours back again just to get where we were, that would mean another stay in another hotel. Driving up the cost of everything.

We decided against doing it and instead returned to head back home. We stopped at as many things as we could while we were on the way back. Including another lighthouse and a drive-through tree.

We got home on the night of the 14th and decided that we would NOT be doing anything else until we got to picking up the house. Being away for as much as we had and with the addition of all the dirty laundry, well we were slowly but surely sinking and falling behind in house chores.

Here’s to cleaning!

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