Hey again,

Time for a road trip!

It ended up being perfect timing for everything. Why?

Well… because February 5th is also my momma’s birthday. We arrived on the evening of the 5th and met up with her and my dad at Outback for dinner. Why? To Celebrate of course.

It was fun. I could tell they were happy to see us, plus, being around for her birthday was nice.

The next day, we took a trip down to Fresno.

Oh, side note. Our rental was a Chrysler Pacifica. Hil-ar-ious.

Here is a photo of us arriving at the dealership and a photo of the 2020 Explorer.

It was a good deal. Unfortunately, the dealership was upside down in the transaction (they had the car since November) and initially had it some 6k higher. Due to this, they didn’t budge on the price or anything. It was a tough sell to get them to include some small plastic pins that were missing. I kid you not.

After spending all day at the dealership and making the purchase we had to set up delivery. Why? Well, transporting the car to Oregon would cost maybe $500, and you avoid sales tax. If you drive the car off the lot you pay somewhere along the lines of 1 to 2 thousand in taxes. It’s a simple decision, plus you save an additional thousand miles you would be driving the car – plus the gas cost.

We didn’t think that a car carrier would be too quick in picking it up so since we had our rental for the remainder of the week, we decided to stay a few days. Visit the state Capitol and visit a bit.

Here is a photo of the kid’s field trip to the capitol building. It’s worth a trip if you’ve never gone.

We got a call that evening that the car company would be picking up the vehicle that evening, and would be back in Portland the next day.

The next day?


Ugh. Time to rush back.

First, we grabbed some dinner at Mel’s diner. Enjoyed the evening before getting up early to leave.

Seen above is Arabella pointing out an airplane in Mels. Followed by my parents being woken up by the kids the next day before we left.

Finally, after many hours driving (10+) nearly all of them non-stop… we were back at the house. No more than an hour after we got there the Explorer arrived.

I’m exhausted. I’m going to bed!

just Pray

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