2024 – May part 1

May day!

I feel like this.

Its been beautiful outside – Mt. Hood has been putting on a show for all to take in.

Also, for the first time since we have lived in Oregon, we switched up our eye doctor. We picked some place that was closer to us and that had better availability. The old doctors office was over an hour away and would literally take the whole day to do everyone’s eye checkup.

The new place? Close to where we live, and we were able to get in, out and select glasses in probably 2 hours give or take a little.

That is pretty good, especially when you have to wrangle as many kids as we do. Every minute makes a difference. Plus we don’t have an extended hour+ drive each way.

What else?

As you can see the Peets coffee machine (it tasted nasty) however, we went to this dealership so that they would buy our car. I know, another change. Right?! How many changes are we looking at here? We wanted to sell our car outright to a dealer because when we were looking to trade her in, everyone was offering 3 or 4 thousand dollars less. That’s worth going without a car for a little bit of time. As of May 5th, we no longer own the Explorer.

We called the dealership that had the Tesla that we are interested in. They said since we didn’t have a car and were looking to buy the Tesla, they would loan us a car until the Tesla was ready (they were getting something fixed on the car at Tesla and some part was on backorder). I took a trip down to Salem (thanks Louis for giving me a ride) and picked up the Subaru. We picked it up on the 8th – so it was only a few days between vehicles. Even if it is a Subaru…

Nothing that I ever thought I’d drive. This sucker gets a good 19 to 20 miles per gallon. A little better than the Explorer but pretty horrendous considering its a car. With that being said, we aren’t complaining too much because its a free loaner from the dealership!

So we are without a car until they get it fixed, then we will go down (and hopefully nothing else will be wrong) and we can go on a test drive and have a vehicle.

The kids are pretty excited about the prospect of getting a Tesla, especially one with doors like the DeLorean on Back to the Future. Luca especially. Now all of the kids keep pointing out Tesla’s when we drive anywhere.

until next time

Just Pray

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