Hey again

To add on to the improvement of the front of the house (and also to make use of some items we had in the back) I moved these path/bricks to the front to make a path across the newly laid mulch.

We also sadly watched the last game of the Arizona Coyotes. They are officially moving to Salt Lake City. The teams owners will have a few years to bring a new arena to the Phoenix area, and if they do the “Coyotes” will come back as an expansion team. All hope is not yet dead, but it is on life support.

We were afforded an opportunity to go see “Unsung Hero” a new movie that was released by For King + Country. It was more-less the true story of some of the things the Smallbone family (including their sister Rebecca St. James) experienced as kids as they moved from Australia to the states.

I also used this time on the bench to respond to some recruiters about roles that needed filling. I went for a few interviews (pictured is one below at a local restaurant). Also, can someone please tell my daughter to stop looking so grownup? Ugh.

The end of the month is nearing and so is our years membership to OMSI! We decided to go one last time and check it out.

The kids love dinosaurs (go figure) and had fun running around. The membership included admission to their theater thing, so Ezra got to see dinosaurs all around him. He was taking it all in.

Finally– we decided to go to Tesla and take a test drive. No we could not afford to buy anything new, at best maybe a 2016-2017. We did however want to see if the Model X (a six seater) would even fit all of us.

Spoiler alert: it did. The kids loved it and have affectionally named it the back in time car (due to the gull-wing doors just like the DeLorean).

After finding out that it did in fact fit us, we took a trip to a few dealerships to see if it was an option or not. At this point, we aren’t sure if it is. Even the used Models are still on the high end of what we could afford. There was one or two in the Portland area in our price range. One sold the day after we looked at it. The other one we went to visit today.

Not sure what will happen, we are waiting on the dealer to ensure that some small items will be fixed and if so then we may move forward.

But you know what? Before you know it…

ITS GUNNA ME MAY. (cue in Justin Timberlake)

just Pray

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