Well summer is half over now. We haven’t done as much as we had anticipated. But we have squeezed in a few things like trips to Tillamook, fireworks, and drives through the Gorge. We made our annual trip to the lavender farm where I was able to get my honey! I haven’t taken many photos lately. I guess life is going by so quickly that I forget to snap pics. The kids are doing their summer reading programs, pen pal letters, and playing with friends non-stop.

Life is busy… I feel like I’m getting old! Supplement’s are piling up on the counter, there always seems to be a checkup for someone, and I spend a lot more time weeding these days. A year and a half until I turn 40! J and I have our anniversary coming up next month, we are hoping to do some light traveling, and possibly get some stuff around the house! Adulting… we have already replaced the windows and roof. Then this month we had the shower replaced, are building new steps out back and are trying to improve the yard (even with my black thumb). So far I haven’t killed the onions, pumpkins, tomatoes, or succulents. It’s the little things haha! I know this is extremally exciting as far as updates go.

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