7 Years of Bugsy

Lij turned 7! He is obsessed with ghost buster… mostly just the Ecto-1. He really likes the new movies but he really loves the car. Really he still loves all things car… hot wheels, monster trucks, Diggers, etc. It’s hard to believe he’s about to finish up 1st grade and move onto 2nd. He has grown so much this year. He’s a master at math and has really flourished in reading. Some of his favorite books are Dragon Masters, Jack Jones, and Goosebumps. He even loves reading to his smallest brother. It’s adorable. He has so much energy and loves being active. He loves Sushi (House Rolls) and Kit Kats. He says he doesn’t really have a favorite color. He’s a thinker and a planner. When he sets out to do something he does it. He’s incredibly logical and can be unbelievably caring. He remembers everything, always. . . except when its about cleaning up a mess lol. I love him to pieces.

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