It’s been a Dewzy of a season for sure. With trying to stay on track with school and doctors appointments and trying to purge items we don’t need from the house… it’s been so busy. We have still managed to get a lot done but it has been exhausting to say the least. October has been an adventure full of exploration and new experiences.

The kids have been to a few different farms, the air show, museums, and they even helped grow our own little pumpkin patch. We grew 16 pumpkins this year and 3 tiny baby ones are still on the vine. We also grew green onions and heirloom tomatoes!

Both the kids started their postcard adventures. They have been working on getting post cards from each state and multiple countries. They are off to a good start but still have a ways to go. After they have collected as many as they can they will learn about each state individually and pick out their favorite things that they have learned along the way.

Doctors appointments have been non stop… with OB visits, physical therapy, blood draws and iron infusions. We are at some appointment every week (often multiple). Luckily we only have 5 weeks to go. I’m not going to lie… I am tired. My body is more sore this time around and I am zapped for energy. I’ve also been super grouchy because I’m sooooooo uncomfortable. Apparently this baby is in the 99th percentile and I’m feeling the weight of it in all the ways.

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