Our new School year has begun! Ara started 4th grade this year. She has really been enjoying all of her online classes. She’s bummed that her summer is over. She really enjoyed all of her free-time, birthday parties, and fun adventures but she’s excited to start a new school year. She has one of her favorite teachers for homeroom this year. I’ve been trying to make sure I keep up on all of the events so she doesn’t miss anything important. It’s crazy how organized we have to be this year to make sure she doesn’t miss out on a single thing. We are doing our best! She recently found out that she gets to take Stop Motion again. I’m working on getting all of the supplies set up so she will have everything she needs to do her best. She loves it so I don’t want to hinder her creativity.

Elijah is starting 1st grade this year. He’s in advanced math and absolutely loves it. This kid has a math brain for sure. He is so good at it and rarely needs much help… though I’m always here when he needs it. I hope he continues to foster his love for math. It’s his favorite class so far. His reading has really skyrocketed too! I’m really proud of him.

Luca has started talking like crazy. His vocabulary is out of this world. However, my favorite thing he’s started doing is singing at the top of his lungs. He mostly just sings songs from Back to The Future but he’s got a few others he likes to belt out as well!

Speaking of Back to The Future… We decided to head down to California for a weekend and go to the “Back to 1885” event. The kids are really into Back to the Future right now… they really wanted to go. The drive wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The kids decided they wanted to do the costume contest. There were only 4 kids that participated. All of the rest were adults. Elijah ended up winning in the kids division! I was so proud of him when he got up on the stage and belted out “I’m Marshall Strickland” he was so bold and everyone clapped really loud. They asked him to introduce himself again and he did. The crowd came alive with his little performance. They asked if he got em all the time and he shouted “yes, every-time” in character. It was adorable. Arabella was brave and bold too. She got up and announced that she was Clara Clayton, a school teacher in 1885. It was really cool to see. We stayed for pretty much the entire day. It was a pretty cool experience. If we have the time off next year we will probably do it again.

This week we went to the zoo. We went kind of last minute but at least we finally used our zoo membership. The kids really enjoyed seeing all of the animals and being outside. The weather was perfect. I didn’t take many photos because I was just trying to spend some time with the kiddos. Elijah said his favorite thing to see were all of the fish. Arabella and Luca liked seeing all of the bears. We even went on the zoo train because why not?

Well… not much else is going on! 9 weeks until our next kiddo will be here! I hope nesting kicks in soon. I haven’t prepared for anything yet. I’m not too worried. It will happen when it happens.

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