Hey everyone!

After “work” today (which involved a lot of LinkedIn Learning courses) I got the kids to lay down with me, at least the boys. I snapped a photo as they all took a quick nap before dinner.

We finally got our wall fixed inside our garage! That was so overdue to be done. It really makes the garage feel nice, especially after looking at it all apart for the last few months.

I’ve been loving the rain. I want to keep these cool rainy days as long as we can. I don’t want the heat. Other parts of the world can keep that, but lets keep it nice and cool here.

Ever since we went to the car show we had this offer to test drive a new electric Ford. Why not? You score a $50 gift card when doing so. I drove down to the local dealer and test drove this Mustang Mach-E. It was nice. Not enough seats for my family, but if they just added another seat… well then maybe some day. Until then, well – I can say it was nice. I really want to see more EVs on the road.

Why is that? I’ll get into that a little more….

If you can see the images above, one of them is a gas bill for 17 gallons and $56. Not bad? I agree. I used a $1 off/gallon coupon I had. In reality it would have been a nice $73. Gas was brought down to 3.29 and the normal prices now are closer to about $4.75. I’m going to rant a little.

I thought when getting the Explorer I’d pay more, yes. But that my distance I could go would be similar to when I had a gas powered car (450 to 500 miles). It would make sense that due to the bigger tank and the lesser MPG that it would cost more. Oh no no no. I was mistaken. You can fill up for 300 miles at $75 a fill up. So you pay more- go less distance, and did I mention you pay more? Ugh. When we had plugin hybrid we at least had a range to drive fully electric. Doing most of our trips using that range made our gas bill all but disappear for a few months at a time.

Anyway, we might see if a plugin or fully electric is attainable. Gas prices will only continue to rise, yet so many people are SO stuck on keeping only gas powered engines. Not wanting hybrids, plugins or electric. Its nuts to me. Also when the power is sourced the right way, electric is way better for the environment all around. Bleh.

Gas. Bleh.

We were treated to a beautiful sunset, and Mt. Hood was lit up in a pretty pink (as seen above). We laid down some new mulch on our side yard of the house… and took the baby to church for the first time.

What else? Elijah has found it funny to write on things in the house – so I took a photo of one of his masterpieces before having him clean it off.

Took the Explorer in for some recalls. Hmm… and we started to take down the back deck to help give us even more space (so much of it is taken up by that bulky rotting deck).

Until next time!

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