Burst pipes.

Not something that I thought I would be worrying about.

We weren’t the only ones that this happened to. We called around and most places were booked out several weeks. We found a local guy that would come out to the house in about a week. We took him up on that.

The snow and ice was holding on for a while. It was over a week where things were shut down and driving was pretty rough. We don’t venture out in those scenarios, mainly because other drivers are what you have to worry about.

Eventually though, we got some warmer weather and the ice and snow melted away.

Just in time, as little Ezra had a surgery at the end of the month and it cleared up just in time. Above is a photo of the little man before he went in.

The surgery went smoothly and we were on our way.

Back at the house we had the plumber fix the pipes. What then? We were told that our pipes did in fact burst, but not just once.

When they gave out they did it like none other. 6 different places the pipes had burst. I asked the repairman if that was somewhat typical and he told me that he hadn’t seen that before.

Here is a photo of our garage, torn apart for the repairs. Getting someone to come and fix the drywall will likely take several months. Plus the damage to the other items we had, this is sure to linger for at least some time.

When the repairman came to the door Maryia went to get up and instead ended up rolling on the floor. She was rolling around and screaming as a mime would so that the person wouldn’t hear her on the other side of the door. After he was done, we took her to Urgent Care. While there she mentioned that she thought her foot was getting better, that she could put pressure on it and there wasn’t any signs of swelling… so she wanted to leave. We did just that. I however insisted on her making an appointment with her normal doctor to at least have it checked out.

January 31st! The last day of the month.

It also happened to be the last day that CarMax said our offer would be valid until.

We brought in the van, had them check it out and sold it on the spot. We took a Lyft home.

What will we do now? Well unfortunate for us the van ended up costing us about 10k to have for the few months that we had it. There were numerous reports that came out that listed the van as the least reliable vehicle to own, and one of the most costly for upkeep. We had to cut our losses and this stung.

So far this year hasn’t been smooth sailing as we would like. In fact, its been really stressful, costing money at every turn. We borrowed money from my parents to pay for the van, and after selling and buying something more affordable, we figured we would be able to pay down the money to them by around 10k.

We talked about it a lot, and we really were not driving the van very much due to all of the issues we had with it. We loved the electric part but didn’t like much else. Now we start the hunt to get another vehicle.

We will end the month car-less, but hopefully this is the start to things turning around because no matter how long we have traveled on the wrong road, we can always turn around.

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