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It is crazy to think that I am officially off of work until next year. I’ll be taking FMLA during the first part of next year to help out and get things settled before returning to work.

Speaking of returning, we returned to my parents and the kids. Luca (who initially was a bit hesitant when we talked about having a new baby) lit up and we captured the moment in the photo below.

It warmed our hearts to see.

Little baby boy is getting bigger and likes to have stare contests. If there was a cuteness contest he would win every time.

Hmm.. what else?

My parents stayed for a day or so more to help out with the kids while I was mending to Maryia and she was swooning over the baby. During this time they were sweet caretakers and brought us dinner in our room.

So the kids have been really fond of the movie “Cars” over the past month or so. I decided to take our van and make it into a Cars type character. I think it turned out pretty well.

We are quickly approaching the end of the month. One evening we called for Arabella, but she was delayed in coming to us. When she did she had this ring on her forehead. According to her, she took a suction cup that is meant to be used on back or legs and thought it was a good idea to see what would happen if she left it on her head for a few minutes. Well, that is a mark that won’t be going away so quickly.

Ending the month with a photo of myself with the boys.

On to December!

just Pray

note: this post was published on 12/03/23 but moved the publish date back to the end of November to keep chronological order.

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