Arabella and Elijah officially finished another year of school. They both did really well on their end of year tests. Arabella scored at the 11th grade level for her reading and literature. She scored in 4th grade for math… so right on schedule. Elijah breezed through his reading test. They both put in a lot of work this year and it shows. I can’t believe how quickly this year went by. There are definitely some things we will tweak for next year but I feel like we have finally found our groove. I go back and fourth with sending the kids to a traditional public school because I want them to have a normal childhood… but the school in our area isn’t very academically challenging so I’m still in search of the perfect Charter. Summit is good but it’s a little far away for traveling each week. I’m hoping we will get into a closer one next year. They did have fun at field day this year!

We sold our Fusion… it was really quick and painless. I really loved that car but we needed more space. It took us less than an hour to sell it to a dealership. Our new vehicle is nice. We had it shipped from MN. We decided to go with a Pacifica. The kids were excited about having 3 moon roofs.

Now that summer is here we have been spending time just slowing down and doing as much outside as we can! We have been exploring the outdoors, having cookouts, summer camps, going to parks and parades. So far it’s been really good.

I’ll spend a good portion of the summer lesson planning and hand picking out curriculum with our Charter for next year. We will probably use Beast Academy again because it seemed to be a great tool last year. Last year we had some curriculum we really loved so we will probably continue with some of it.

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